FPC Bellingham has a podcast! Every week we post the sermon, plus you’ll find other content beyond our weekly worship services, like interviews, songs, and special events. It is available on most podcast apps – just search for “FPC Bellingham.”

Listening on a podcast app is the best user experience, and most are free – currently our podcast is available via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

Listen to the latest episode here online via Spotify:

Here’s a Spotify playlist of FPC Bellingham podcast episodes you can play right from this screen:

New to podcasts and need some help? Never fear, we’ve got help for podcast beginners! Read on. Here is an article that walks you through the basics: https://discoverpods.com/how-to-listen-to-podcasts-guide-for-beginners/

We won’t take you through every detail here, but rather just explain how to access our church’s podcast. You can either 1) listen online by streaming it from a web browser, or 2) you can install an app and choose podcasts from the app to stream or to download for offline listening on your phone or tablet.

Do you just want to listen to our church’s podcast streaming it from the internet from a web page, and not learn anything else about apps? Listen here online from your computer or phone web browser – you can see all the episodes here:

Or, install the Spotify app onto your smartphone or tablet (it’s free – find it in the app store for iOs or Android). Then search in Spotify for “FPC Bellingham” and choose which episode to hear! Download it if you wish, for offline listening (no internet required).

Our FPC Bellingham podcast is currently available through several platforms (including Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, and more – see current options on the Anchor page where our podcast is hosted).

You can listen to our sermons, interviews, Q&A sessions, story slams, and Christmas stories read aloud. We’d love to hear what you think!