While the amount of information online can be overwhelming, we can use online tools to connect and learn ways to be the body of Christ at this time during the global coronavirus pandemic.
>>>Stay Connected – prayer opportunities, online services, calendar of Zoom meetings you can join, Zoom tips, 
>>>Financial & Food Assistance – DSHS and others here
>>>Mental Health Resources – Local and national resources
>>>Be a Helper – volunteer opportunities, link to bloodworks to donate blood, etc.
>>>>Health Connect – Video interviews with members of our community about COVID-19 quarantine health topics,  and many other resources
Stay Connected:
Financial and Food Assistance:

Mental Health Resources:

Be a Helper:



  • Connect to volunteer needs: https://beaneighborcampaign.com/
  • Reach out to those you know in the medical or public services community, and ask what would be encouraging or helpful in this time to them and their colleagues. This is a powerful time to reach out to people who and know trust you, and offer encouragement, and to learn about ways to shower healthcare workers with love and support.
  • Donate blood at Bloodworks Northwest
  • Other specific ideas and actions will be added here as things develop.