Fred Hartsook

The Garden Director

Fred was adopted from South Korea and raised near Seattle, WA, and made his way to Bellingham for college in 2003. At The INN, he found community and formation as he took his first meaningful steps following Jesus as an adult.

After college, Fred didn’t pursue ministry leadership, but it pursued him. He tried his hand at a few career paths, all the while being nudged and prepared through various volunteer positions and academic programs, until touring full-time with the Ugandan Kids Choir and serving as a Youth Pastor for five years at a church in Bellingham.

Fred joined The INN in 2018, and in 2019 retired it and started The Garden. The legacy of The INN lives in The Garden and in Fred, but as what it means to be kingdom-people for college students has changed dramatically in recent years, it seemed a new approach was the way forward God was calling us in to. Fred also serves as a Ruling Elder at FPC, and is in the Commissioned Pastor program with the Northwest Coast Presbytery.

Fred’s wife Celeste is his best friend and favorite person, a ballet instructor, an arts-and-craftser, and Fred’s personal food tester. In 2019 they had their first child, Felix, who keeps them more than busy both day and (unfortunately) night. Felix is a curious cheeseball who loves to push buttons on appliances, read books, and kiss his stuffed animals.

When he isn’t meeting college students for coffee, you can find Fred smoking meats, watching a baseball game, and impulse-buying new tech gadgets. Take him out to lunch some time! He’d love to meet you and always appreciates a free meal.