Tyranny of the Urgent

01 February 2015

Mark 1:29-39


  • Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law
  • Jesus heals the multitude
  • Jesus and early morning prayer
  • The dilemma
  • Jesus’ calling – proclaim the message
  • Spend time listening for the important
  • Communion


Intergenerational Question

When do you carve out time to spend with Jesus?


Branching Out

Read Mark 1:29-39. What strikes you about the fact that Peter has a mother-in-law? Hint: what else does that imply? What is his mother-in-law’s response to being healed? How might we learn from her?

When Peter finds Jesus and says, “everyone is searching for you,” what might he be implying? What does he want Jesus to do?

Instead what does Jesus go and do? How does he have this clarity about his calling?


Digging Deeper

What are the different voices that call upon your time? How do you hear those calls?

Jesus has a clarity about his calling. What does that offer him? How does this clarity free him from the voices?

Where do you have clarity in your calling? Where do you need it?

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