The E Word

11 January 2015

John 1:43-51


  • John’s E-section
  • Preaching evangelism
  • Family evangelism
  • Friendship evangelism
  • Nazareth—Can anything good come out of it?
  • Come and see
  • He was already known
  • Wanna see more—the angels of God ascending
  • Sharing a living faith


Intergenerational Question

How do you feel known by God?


Branching Out

Read John 1:43-51. After Philip begins to follow Jesus, what does he do next? What would cause him
to do that?

Nathanael is skeptical about Jesus because of his hometown. What other things are people skeptical
about when it comes to Jesus? How does Philip respond?

What strikes Nathanael about Jesus right away?


Digging Deeper

What is Philip’s connection with Nathanael? What are ways that we might share with our friends?

Jesus says that Nathanael will see “great things.” What might those things be?

Jesus speaks about the heavens opening and the angels ascending and descending on the Son of God.
What do you make of that?

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