Joseph Dreams a Dream

28 June 2015

Genesis 37:1-11

  • What we know about Joseph
  • Family Tension- Tattle Tale
  • Family Tension- Favoritism
  • Family Tension- Royal Dreams
  • Family Dysfunction gets Resolved
Intergenerational Question

What are a few stories about your grandparents or great-grandparents?

Branching Out

Read Genesis 37:1-11

We can see the action move from Jacob to Joseph. What do we know right away from this text about Joseph? What is the gist of Joseph’s dreams? How do you think Joseph understood them? How do we understand them differently knowing the end of the story?

What role do dreams play in our life? Where do we see dreams working in the Bible? What is a healthy understanding of dreams?

Digging Deeper

What causes Jacob’s favoritism? What is the result of it? Where do we see favoritism in our lives? Where do we see jealousy? What are the results of favoritism and jealousy in our lives? How do we live not being jealous and not playing favorites?

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