Jesus is not for Chickens

01 March 2015

Mark 8:31-38


  • Now the whole story
  • Context—the blind man healed
  • Peter- “You are the Messiah”
  • Peter rebuking Jesus
  • Picking up your crosses and following
  • The radical call
  • Following Jesus Is Not for Chickens—Are you ready?


Intergenerational Question

How is taking up a cross different than taking up a sword?


Branching Out

Read Mark 8:31-38.  What surprised Peter about Jesus’ future? How might he have handled it better?

Jesus calls the crowd to take up their crosses and follow. How would they have understood that? How is taking up a cross different than taking up a sword?

What is required of those who want to save their life? What does that look like?


Digging Deeper

How do you interpret Jesus speaking to Satan when talking to Peter? How do you think his voice sounded when he was saying those words?

How do people in the 21st century try to gain the world? How does it cost their soul?

What does a crucified life look like? What does it mean for you to take up your cross?

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