Jesus Calms The Storm

08 February 2015

Mark 4:35-4112

  • Flannery O Conner – A good man is hard to find
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Just as he was/other boats
  • The storm
  • Jesus sleeping on the cushion
  • Escalating– we are dying– do you not care?
  • Peace! Be still!
  • Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?
  • Who is this?


Intergenerational Question

Who do people say Jesus was?


Branching Out

Read Mark 4:35-41. What did this night feel like for the disciples? Describe how you picture it using all five senses. When Jesus is awakened by panicked disciples what is the first thing he does? What comfort can we take from that?

What would have contributed to the disciples’ great awe? What is behind their great question? How do you answer that question?


Digging Deeper

Have you ever experienced a storm and felt like Jesus was asleep on the job? How can you relate to the disciples’ panicked question?

Jesus first calms the storm and then asks two questions. What is the substance of these questions? How do they connect to each other?

What is the correlation between fear and faith? Where do you see this in your life? What is the invitation here?

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