Following, Calling, and Changing

25 January 2015

Mark 1:14-28


  • The Great Interferer
  • The Gospel – The Good News of God
  • Fishing for people
  • Following Jesus changes families
  • Following Jesus comes with a calling
  • Priesthood of all believers
  • The Rev. Dr. MLK
  • Interview with Zach Joy


Intergenerational Question

How would you describe your calling?


Branching Out

Read Mark 1:14-28. Mark 1:15 is the Good News of God in a nutshell. What is this good news?

How did Jesus’ interaction with Simon and Andrew change their lives? How did it change James’ and John’s? What does it mean for a fisher of fish to become a fisher of people?

What do you think this authority that Jesus had looked like? How did people experience it? How do we experience it?


Digging Deeper

What is the significance of John’s arrest? How might this coincide with the beginning of Jesus’ ministry?

These disciples experience a change in vocation in being called and yet it is similar to their previous vocation, how would you hear that calling?

What is our calling? Our vocation? How does this story help us to live it out more fully?

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