Easter Sunday – The Empty Tomb Resolution

04 April 2015

Mark 16:1-8


  • A vision without a plan
  • He has been raised, He is not here
  • Go and tell His disciples and Peter
  • Terror and amazement
  • No one said anything
  • Other endings—Not enough resolution
  • Tension
  • Resolution
  • This is what it is all about
  • Check out the empty tomb


Intergenerational Question

Share a time when you were both amazed and scared.


Branching Out

Read Mark 16:1-8. How do you think the women were feeling as they walked to the tomb? How big an obstacle would the unrolled stone have been?

What did they hear from the young man in white? How would they have heard this news?

The young man in white encourages them to tell the disciples and Peter. What would have been so important about telling Peter? What grace do you hear in that?


Digging Deeper

What is the reason for these early morning visitors? What does that say about their respect for Jesus?

Have you ever felt terror and amazement at the same time? What do we make about the ending that says that these women said nothing to anyone?

All the other endings of Mark are suspect and not in the earliest copies of Mark. What is missing from this ending to a gospel? Are you ok with this ending? How does this ending fit with the character of this gospel?

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