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Weekly Discussion Questions for December

Week 1: DECEMBER 5


Psalm 126, Revelation 7:13-17


  • When & how have tears been places of healing for you?
  • Are there times when you have stifled tears? If so, when and why?
  • What are the challenges to welcoming tears in your life, and shared spaces? 
  • What are some good memories that you cling to with God’s hope for the future?

Week 2: DECEMBER 12


Jeremiah 13:11, Isaiah 5:26-27


  • Have you ever felt exposed by what you were wearing? Describe how it feels when you feel good in your clothing.
  • How does thinking about clinging to God like an undergarment impact your understanding of intimacy with God?
  • What makes you uncomfortable with God? When have you felt embarrassed, avoidant or ashamed before God?

Week 3: DECEMBER 19

Week 4: DECEMBER 26

Christmas Day 2

Psalm 51:1-12, Luke 2:8-20


  • What breaks your heart?
  • How did you suppose David’s clean heart felt?
  • Do we have clean hearts?
  • How do you think Mary pondered and treasured thing in her heart?
  • What do you need to ponder and treasure in your heart?

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