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Together@Home – Weekly Discussion Questions for October

Week 1: OCTOBER 3

The Prodigal God and the Presbyterian Son

Luke 15:25-32

Receiving God’s invitations


  • When has the generous mercy of God frustrated you, conflicting with your understanding of justice?
  • Where are there places I need to open up my expectations of God?
  • Where is joining in God’s celebration a practice of obedience for me?

Week 2: OCTOBER 10

The Full of Faith Manager

Luke 16:1-13

The best risk we can take is to risk it all on the grace and mercy of God.


  • What surprises you in this parable?
  • What was the risk the manager was taking by re-writing the accounts?
  • The manager is untrustworthy, but the Owner still commends him for his shrewdness, what is the owner commending?
  • What would it mean for us to live like the manager?
  • Where do you struggle to live out your trust in God’s mercy?

Week 3: OCTOBER 17

Lazarus and the Rich Man

Luke 16:14-31

Privilege doesn’t matter in the kingdom.


  • How do you deal with the unjust financial system we live in?
  • How does the rich man display his privilege throughout the parable?
  • Where are you privileged?
  • There is only one parable with a character with a name. The name Lazarus means one who God helps. What are the reasons that Jesus might have named this one character?
  • What difference would it make if someone was raised from the dead, like say Lazarus?

Week 4: OCTOBER 24

The Widow and the Unjust Judge

Luke 18:1-8

Pray always and do not lose heart.


  • Luke tells us that Jesus tells this parable so that we might pray always and not lose heart. What is so important about praying?
  • What is so important about not losing heart?
  • How is this story about prayer and not losing heart?
  • The surprise ending is that God will grant justice, how does that sound to you?
  • The second surprise is that Jesus asks about faith, how does that strike you? What might be Jesus saying here?

Week 5: OCTOBER 31

The Rich Young Ruler

Luke 18:18-31


  • What do you notice and what do you wonder in this passage?
  • What seemed to be blocking this young man from inheriting eternal life?
  • How does money get in the way of our spiritual journey?
  • What are ways to safeguard our life from this major obstacle?
  • What does faithful stewardship look like?

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