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Together@Home – Weekly Discussion Questions for September


God’s Pronouns

Genesis 1:26-27 , Psalm 23

Our language and categories are not able to capture the fullness of the Almighty Mysterious God. Our 3rd person pronouns cannot capture the magnificence of our God, but that is OK because God wants to be known in a 2nd person way.


  • Why do you think that pronouns are so important to so many in our culture?
  • What is limiting about our 3rd person pronouns?
  • How are you with the Almighty being most commonly referred to with a masculine pronoun? What can you celebrate about it? What feels limiting?
  • How does the 2nd person pronoun feel different?
  • What would it mean to lean into the 2nd person God?

Week 2: SEPTEMBER 12

The Great Meal

Luke 14:15-24

Don’t miss the blessings! A life of faith can easily become more focused on our own comforts than the radical nature of God’s kingdom. God’s invitation is continually one that expands our understanding of comfort, blessing, and expectation. If we don’t respond to the invitations God offers us, we might miss out on the biggest blessings of all.


  • Has anyone ever canceled on your well planned invitation? What is that like?
  • What culturally acceptable responsibilities can you think of today that might sound rational in missing out on an invitation such as this? 
  • If you read all of Luke 14, do you think all of the people invited to the banquet in the end were going to be invited eventually anyway? Why or why not? 
  • What does it mean for you to be ready today to respond to God’s invitation?

Week 3: SEPTEMBER 19

A Lost Sheep and a Lost Coin

Luke 15:1-10


  • What do you think made the religious leaders grumble about Jesus welcoming sinners? What makes us grumble about it?
  • How are the stories of the lost sheep and the lost coin similar?
  • How is the Lost coin different than the lost sheep?
  • What does it mean that there is “more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.” (Luke 15:7)
  • What do these stories reveal about God and the Kingdom?

Week 4: SEPTEMBER 26

The Prodigal God and the younger son

Luke 15:11-24


  • What do you think made the younger son want to leave?
  • Why would Jesus hyperbolize the awful things the younger son does?
  • What does it say about the Father that he saw the son while he was still a long way off?
  • This is also a metaphor, how is the son still a long way off?
  • The word prodigal is defined as one who spends without a budget, who is prodigal in this story?

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