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Together@Home – Weekly Discussion Questions for March

Week 1: MARCH 7


Seeking Peace is Not a Timid Exercise

Luke 19:45-20:8


  • When have you seen faithful boldness, people pursuing justice in integrity?
  • What is the backlash you have observed?
  • When have you been called to faithful boldness, and what were the benefits/consequences?
  • What are peacemaking activities that scare you now, but you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you to take part in?

Week 2: MARCH 14


Discipleship and Peace are costly, and often cheaper…

Luke 14:25-33


  • We know that Jesus honored family, what do you think he means by saying the disciples need to hate their family?
  • How do we evaluate the real costs of our actions?
  • What does being a disciple costs?
  • What are the costs of non-discipleship?
  • What does peace cost?
  • What do our possessions have to do with all this? Any thoughts on why Jesus ended the text with that line?

Week 3: MARCH 21


The Peace Making Table

Luke 22:14-22


  • Describe a memorable meal you had?
  • Luke describes the eagerness of Jesus to share this meal with his disciples. What do you think made him so eager?
  • Jesus seems to not be drinking at the meal, what might be the significance of that?
  • All the gospel writers point out the fact that the one who would betray Jesus was at the table while he served them. What does that say to you?
  • How do we see Jesus making peace in this text? How might we make peace?

Week 4: MARCH 28


Peacemaking calls out systems of oppression

Luke 20:45 – 21:1-4


  • How do you think Jesus felt about the widow’s gift in light of what he points out in 20:45-47?
  • How do you understand the Bible’s view of giving and its purpose?
  • How does exposing oppressive systems promote peace?
  • How do you see status or privilege impact generosity in our culture?
  • What are practical ways you respond to how Jesus opens your eyes to systemic pressures on the poor?

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