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Together@Home – Weekly Discussion Questions for October

Now more than ever, we need to intentionally and creatively make ways to hear the good news of Christ together. You are doing hard things every day – and God is with you every step! Together @ Home is our invitation to make space to share in Christ. If you’d like a group, give us a call, or fill us in on who you are committed to meeting with! We encourage our entire FPC community into this posture of making meaningful connection.

Week 1: OCTOBER 4-10


God provides Quail and Manna

Exodus 16:9-21

In the desert God provides what we need to make it through the day, our daily bread, and sometimes a surprise quail feast.


  • Where in this season have you been tempted to complain?
  • What is a memorable feast in your life?
  • Is there an abnormal abundance of something that blesses you in this season?
  • What is Manna for you, what sustains you on a daily basis?
  • What might be a gift from God that you do not recognize? (manna = what is it?)
  • How do you trust that God will provide daily Manna again tomorrow?

Week 2: OCTOBER 11-17


Impulsivity can lead to bad decisions

Numbers 14:39-45

Sometimes the best thing we can do is slow down and not make a quick, reactive decision.


  • How do you react to grief?
  • Where can you be impulsive?
  • What helps you slow down when you feel pressure to make a quick decision?
  • Who are your mentors? How do you give weight to their words?
  • What practices would you implement for healthier decision making?

Week 3: OCTOBER 18-24


Intergenerational Provisions

Numbers 27

God provides. Yet the invitation remains: to actively take care of one another.


  • When have you felt cared for beyond your own family?
  • How has mentorship affected your life?
  • How have you been called to care for others intergenerationally, beyond your immediate family?
  • What does it mean for you to trust in God’s provision?
  • How do you navigate trusting God and personal action?

Week 4: OCTOBER 25-31


In the Wilderness

Exodus 19:1-9, 20:1-21

In the wilderness God’s people were given an identity, a mission, and a code to live by, exactly what was needed.


  • How would you describe being saved by God?
  • How do you understand who you are?
  • How do you understand your calling?
  • How do you understand how you are to live?
  • How do those understandings help you to live better in a season of wilderness?
  • How might you understand these things more deeply in a season of wilderness?

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