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The Zealot Myth Book Group – July 8th – August 19th

Join us for a potluck supper book group,

discussing the book The Zealot Myth,  written by FPC’s own Ron Snyder.

This group will meet Monday nights from 6-8pm July 8th through August 19th.

“When Jesus calmed the wind and waves, His disciples asked, “Who is this?” Throughout the centuries, people have continued to ask this question. Today, there are a number of theological “scholars” who deny that Jesus is the Son of God, claiming instead that He was a Cynic, a moralizing teacher, a magician, or a political Zealot. The Zealot Myth challenges these claims and provides answers to the various theories and ideas about Jesus that are prevalent in the many books discounting Jesus’ deity.

If you have questions about who Jesus is, or you want solid answers to “defend” your faith, please come join us in this important discussion.

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