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Pizza with the Pastors – February 17th

A few years back we did a little thing called Pizza with the Pastor. We invited each person in the congregation to a lunch after church in groups of 15-20 just to chat. We asked questions. We dialogued. We shared good words, and sometimes hard ones. It was a joyful time that I only look back on with thankfulness.Something has changed recently. We have another pastor. So we have decided to run another season of Pizza with the Pastors (did you notice the S). We will offer a years worth of once a month lunches after a Sunday, but instead of separate invitations, we are going to open it up in a cyber way. We will keep inviting, but you will have to register if you want to join us. No agenda, no hard-sell, no gimmicks. Just a chance to hang with your pastors and enjoy a meal together! I hope you can join us-

This lunch will fill up at 18, but there will be more invites coming in the future- first come first signed up!

register here for lunch on February 17

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