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Summertime 3×7 Groups

These groups are open to all! The idea is to connect with other people at FPC, not play competitive chef. They can be potluck, simple meals, or any other ideas that work for your group. the ‘3’ means 3x – it’d be great if you can organize to meet 3x a season! the ‘7’ in 3×7 is for the seven people who would participate in conversation around the table, living room, or wherever you choose to gather. This number fluctuates depending on how sign-ups go. Kids will be accounted for in the email notification.

Our hope is to collect responses for the summer by June 15th, randomly assign people to groups, and communicate with you so that your group can schedule a meal. We’ll re-initiate the invitation every season, so you can meet more people all year!

If you’d like to participate, fill out this form and we’ll send an email notification when you have a group!
Any questions? Please contact the church office. Include 3×7 in the subject line.

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