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Congregational Meeting Recap 09/15/15

Doug’s Weekly Words- Don’t forget-

2 Services start this Sunday, 9:30 and 11am

The State of the Communion

Last Sunday was our FPC Fall Congregational Meeting. Despite a 10 am Seahawks game, we had a great turn out and a joyful time afterwards at our first Pizza Palooza. 2 Things I love all at the same time, FPC and Pizza…

At the Fall congregational meeting there are a few traditions I always look forward to. The first is that I prepare, with the help of elders and the staff, a top 10 list of the previous year. This is always a great chance to celebrate what God is doing. So I share with you, from our home office in Bellingham WA, the FPC 2014-2015 Top 10 list…

10 The FPC Choir– getting better every year…

9   We Finished Rooted– a 3 year endeavor

8   Our first ever Whitworth Sunday

Whitworth President preached

Whitworth Choir- Wow

7   We have a thriving Youth Ministry

Last year- 3 Baptisms, 7 Confirmations

67 went to Winter retreat…

35 last weekend- @ GoCamp Firwood as part of 8 churches

16 guys at first middle school early morning small group!

A students heading up school prayer group called GO Tuesdays

14 leaders…

6   The INN reached Middle Age. Both Tom Cooper and Mike Woodruff returned to preach

5    Session and Staff focused on building trust and clarity

4    We had a bunch of after church lunches

3    We celebrated our 3rd Service Sunday- this time with lunch

2    Kerrie Bauer joined our staff

1    Children’s Ministry is starting up Godly Play

Over 100 at VBS

Over 40 people, have attended a Godly Play intro session/ training summer.

Over 10 craftsmen and artists create Godly Play stories and furniture,

27 bookshelves, wood figures and 3 desert boxes.

Over 20 volunteers have labored to paint, clean, move and organize our

Over 10 people have generously donated funds and goods to help rooms.

20 Storytellers are trained and ready to begin teaching this Fall.

14 Doorkeepers are ready to assist in the classroom.

8 Sunday School Support people have volunteered

3 Godly Play rooms ready for the children during both services

**There’s still room for you to be involved! Contact Kerrie

The other thing we do at the Congregational Meeting is I get to share my sense of the state of the communion. Here is my state of the communion for this year.

Doug’s State of the Communion

The Empty Stool

We offer Special Recognition this year to 2 pillars that we lost. This Summer we said goodbye to Howard Mitchell and Dottie Masson. In their honor we will feature an Empty Stool reminding us of the loss and the need for all of us to step up in Faith and Grace and Love. When people look for a new church, my advice is always, go to 4 and pick the one that offends you the least. Join that church and make it a better place. Howard and Dottie did that. They actively made this church a better place for numerous decades. They stepped up whenever needed and they did what was needed in love and joy. The stool is now empty, who of us will step up?


Here is how we are trying to communicate, so you know how to best get info.

Bulletin– you will see some changes- fewer announcements, but more focused

Web-site– All info is on our web site– always available

Facebook– please like our page on Facebook- info and upcoming events will also be there

Doug’s Weekly Words– sign up for our weekly e-mail. If you get this on e-mail- you are alread signed up. If you do not yet get this e-mail- please contact me.

Call the church– Mon-Thur- 360 734-5510. There is still a person answerin


This fall we will focus on who we are and where we are going. 2.5 years ago we did aTCI survey. We discovered that we weakest in:

youth ministry

Our Vision- what the survey calls code…

For 2 years we have been working on this- the youth ministry, thanks to a lot of hard work, is thriving. For the past 2 years our leaders have been focusing on the Mission and Values of this community to work on the Code area. This Fall I get the honor of preaching through these powerful signposts.

Why do we exist?- (mission). As beloved children of God we participate in the ministry of Jesus as we: Love God, love others, help others love God

Who we are?- (Values)
We are beloved children of the Father who:
Keep Jesus at the center,
Live in prayerful dependence on the Spirit,
And grow together as disciples.

Where are we going?- what are we about (Motto)?
Sharing a living faith across generations

How will we get there?
By focusing on:
Spiritual formation (living out our individual and communal identity in union with Christ),
Intergenerational relationships (loving and learning across age and stage),
Being Light in the world (learning to share the Good News of Jesus Messiah in word and deed).

Godly Play/ 5 on 1

Kudos to you if you have read all this way. Now I get to be a little personal…

The Godly Play train is up and running. I am so thankful for the hard work of Kerrie, our Children’s Committee, and our church. This has been a huge effort. As we do this, the end goal is that our kids will grow to Love god, Love others, and help others love God. We believe that each child, youth, and College Age young adult needs to have 5 adults in their corner. 5 faithful adults who will stand by them through the hard times, being the grace and love of Jesus to them.

This is personal for me. 2 weeks ago we took Zoe to college. This was a great day for our family. But through the whole event, I am so thankful for the other adults at FPC who have invested in Zoe. She has a host of faithful disciples who have loved and supported her. She gets that. When we were leaving she wanted a party with those people at FPC who have loved her, and the list was long.

I want that for every kid in our church. I believe that every child, youth, young adult deserves at least 5 loving adults in their corner. This felt personal when it was Zoe, and it still feels personal when I think of the kids and youth of FPC. These are great kids, and they deserve the best start we can give them. I am ready to show up everyday and work my tail off that every kids and youth of FPC has 5 adults.

But I am only one, I cannot do it on my own. There are over 100 children, 80 youth, and 100 college age young adults. We have our work cut out for us. We need you… As well- You need the children, youth, young adults. You need their joy, enthusiasm. You need their questions and their wisdom. Do not be fooled, if you start to invest in someone of another generation, they will have more to share with you than you can every share with them.

This is fun!

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