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Weekly Words 09/29/15 – Fall Gatherings

Community Bible Reading

The Bible was written to communities and it was read and studied in community. Even the letters that appear to have been written to one person were written to communities. That means the best way to read the Bible is in community. I realize that this idea is offensive to our individualist culture here in the US, but it does not change the spiritual reality. The Scriptures are best heard read aloud and they are best studied in community.

It is for this reason that we organize Bible Studies, Small Groups, Gatherings etc… We want to offer opportunities and an invitation to the community to find the abundant life that is found in these groups. So here is the invitation and the charge. If you are already in a group that is studying the Bible- More power to you- Go deep… If you are not, now is the time. We have Men’s Bible study on Wed. at 6:30 am and Thur at 8pm. We have 3 different Women’s Bible Studies, Tues and Wed morning and Thur evening. These are just starting up and welcoming anyone new people.

Fall Gatherings

As well we have gatherings. These get a little larger and they only meet for a season (8-10 weeks). These start up this week- There is one here for you- come and join us…

Parenting Gathering

Kerrie Bauer
Wednesdays October 7th, 21st, November 4th,18th from 5:30 to 7:45
Kerrie will host a Wine and Cheese discussion of Rebecca Nye’s book Children’s Spirituality. Childcare provided at the church.

Documentary Gathering

Ryan Niemeyer
Every other Thur. 7-9:30pm,
Sept. 17, Oct. 1, 15, 29, Nov. 12

This is an every-other-week gathering focused on watching a documentary film together and then talking about it with fellow disciples. Come with an open mind and your favorite documentary.

Christianity 101

Jeff King
Wed. 7-8:30pm at FPC
Sept.  30th – Nov. 18th

This gathering will focus on the basic principles for healthy Christian living. It will be discussion and relationship-oriented so that we are bringing ourselves and our lives into the discussion. Topics covered will be: How to relate to the scriptures; in Adam–in Christ; Grace vs. works; dimensions of salvation; a Biblical understanding of the self; what does it mean to walk in the Spirit; trials, suffering and God’s discipline; the role of thought and emotion in Christian living. Outlines for each week of study will be provided.

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