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The New Website

With two minutes left on the first of August, we launched the new website. The development and launch of the website came weeks, if not months, sooner than anticipated due to a technical issue with a plug-in on the old site which prevented admins and users from doing just about anything on the site. With that in mind, we would like to keep our community informed about what to expect from us and the site in the coming weeks:

  • The site is still very much in development and as a result, some features may not work as well as we want right now. We are working on changing that.
  • Changes to content and design will be occurring, probably frequently.
  • We will eventually open some posts to comments to encourage ongoing conversation within our community. Currently comments are turned off while we investigate the best way to a safe, friendly, and easy to moderate community of contributors.
  • If you find a bug or broken link within the site, please email Cris Hageman.
  • Due to the “in progress” state of the site, we are not currently accepting input on how the site should work, look, perform. Please feel free to take note of any issues you have and circle back to them once the site is in a more finalized state.

Thanks for your continued understanding and patience while we work through this transition!

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