Discovering and Practicing Spirit-inspired, Christ-centered, God-honoring worship

We have received a worship grant to use over the next year (2020-2021) to take a closer look at the concept of Sacred Pathways – the concept that each of us is wired to worship in different primary ways. This idea comes from the book by Gary Thomas of the same title, but our overall invitation is to deepen each individual’s Christian journey by exploring these 9 different pathways together. We hope that taking this journey will expand our ideas of what worship is, as well as offer perspective and gratitude for the diversity and variation of how people respond to God.

This journey is something our whole church will be taking together, with integration of the pathways in our Sunday and weekly worship, along with invitations to opportunities to dig deeper. Make sure you are subscribed to Doug’s Weekly Words to receive information, and email if you have more questions! One invitation (via email and on this page) will include our purchase for you of the book Sacred Pathways using the grant. So stay tuned!

This page serves as a landing zone for resources, invitations and study, and throughout the year we will add content here as we spread invitations and experiment with the opportunities before us. When we applied, we were not in a pandemic and now we are – so bear with us as we try different things and grow this thing as we go!

Explore the nine pathways of worship that draw our attention to God

Discover which pathway(s) resonate with you! The nine pathways presented by Thomas are:
Naturalist, Sensate, Traditionalist, Ascetic, Activist, Caregiver, Enthusiast, Contemplative, and Intellectual.


Start your journey with us by taking a Spiritual Pathways assessment here!

Click the link below to take the assessment and share your information with us, as well as to order your copy of Spiritual Pathways by Gary Thomas:

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Where Did this Grant Come From?

This grant was made possible by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. “The Vital Worship Grants Program at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship is designed to foster, strengthen and sustain well-grounded worship in congregations throughout North America. Two streams of grants are offered–to teacher-scholars and to worshiping communities.”

You can find out more about their program here:
As well, this press release announces the full scope of the grants released this year (2020).