Welcome! Our Sunday Worship Service Streaming March 29th, 2020  “premieres” at 9:45am (PDT) with a welcome and musical offering. You can use the “live chat” function at any time during the live service to pass the peace, say hi, share a prayer, or ask a question and we’ll try and engage with you!

We continue to learn and experiment with online worship, and are grateful to worship “with” you! As we seek to care for the shalom of our city and county, know that God is at work in all things. May we each be wise, compassionate, and discerning as we care for one another. Philippians 4:4-6!

Click the linked picture above to view our service. Access it on YouTube if the link above does not work for you. 

Donate online at: https://fpcbellingham.churchcenter.com/giving Otherwise consider mailing your offering, or having your bank setup bill pay instead of coming to the church in person.  Any questions, email beccan@fpcbellingham.org

To join our Caring Bridge Prayer time (7am/7pm prompts), visit www.caringbridge.org/visit/fpcprayers and follow the prompts to join in!

FOR ALL ZOOM Events (Narnia, Trivia, Prayer, etc.), check out our church calendar: http://www.fpcbellingham.org/calendar/

To continue in worship, one of our team leaders curated this playlist: FPC Worship 22 March by Hillary Thomsen on Spotify:

Great Are You – if you’d like to play along – is in the Key of D

Lyrics to our closing song:

Love the Lord your God
With all your heart and all your soul
And all your mind and
Love all the world
As you would love your neighbor

Love —————,
The Lord your God
With all your heart,
And all your soul and mind and love your neighbor.

We’ve got Christian lives to live,
We’ve got Jesus Christ to give,
We’ve got nothing to hide,
Because in Him we abide!

May the Lord bless you and keep you, shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord truly give you peace! Amen!

Share prayer requests or concerns, invitations to creative worship during this season,  etc. to info@fpcbellingham.org or call our church office M-Th 9am-4pm 360.734.5510

Here is our YouTube channel where you can access past Sunday services. If you look in the description below each Sunday’s service, you can view song lyrics and other worship information from that service, including worship playlists to stream on Spotify.  

See FPC COVID-19 resources here.