Ryan Chace

Youth and Family Ministries Director

I grew up in Abbotsford, BC—don’t hold it against me. Most of my childhood and teen years were spent training and coaching as a national level gymnast. Through gymnastics I traveled across Canada, USA, Japan, and learned the pains and joys of elite level athletics. I have a passion for athletes to find the focus and spiritual health I did not find until my early twenties.

God’s love entered my heart when I finally surrendered control and asked for forgiveness. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had never been to church before and knew very little about Christianity. I did know that my entire being wanted rest, and I finally found it that night. I slept better than I had in years. Thus began a journey that has taken me to some places (geographically and spiritually) that I never would have imagined

It did not take long for God to start some serious transformation—believe me, there was a lot to transform—which continues to this day. Despite my little knowledge of the Christian faith, God helped me mend broken relationships, learn how to care for others, and myself, and right the many wrongs I had done. I am eternally thankful for God’s love that met me where I was at and called me to something much richer and deeper.

I soon realized that a church community was part of life in Christ. This was wild! What a strange bunch of folks for a guy who grew up outside the church. I got involved as a youth leader very quickly, at the invitation of the youth pastor. It was through serving and action that I learned the most and developed lasting friendships. Serving the youth was an absolute joy and helped me understand my own gifts and calling. This is why I feel so passionate about investing in youth and youth leaders.

After several years I realized I had better learn a thing or two. I started with a discipleship school through YWAM and traveled to Hawaii, South Korea, and Japan. This awakened my mind and helped me realize that I was not just a dumb athlete—a story I bought into in high school. Shortly after this I pursued biblical studies at Columbia Bible College, got a BA in philosophy from Trinity Western University (TWU), and a MCS from Regent College. Through education my mind has been renewed and God has continued to soften my heart.

Hands down, though, meeting Elizabeth at TWU has been the biggest blessing in my life. We married right after graduating and soon welcomed Madeleine to the family. We then moved to Bellingham where we both pursued graduate studies and eventually welcomed Finley to the family as well. The kids are outrageously funny and I see the face of God in them every day. What a gift!

FPC has been home ever since we moved to Bellingham. I have played on worship teams, led retreats and small gatherings, and served as an elder. I love this community and the chance to work here is a dream! I am brimming with excitement and can’t wait to see what God has in store for our youth and families.