Lisa Watabayashi

Full-Charge Bookkeeper

Lisa moved from Honolulu, Hawaii to Bellingham with her family in 2007. She and her husband, Bert, were attracted to the cool weather, beautiful mountains with countless trails and a safe and friendly community that seemed like the perfect place to raise children. Not to mention how close Bellingham is to Canada to go skiing and how easy it is to jump on a plane and be back in Hawaii within hours to visit family and friends.

Lisa practiced accounting for a few years after receiving her CPA license in California, and then had a successful career in the mortgage business for 15+ years. She has now come full circle back to accounting.

Lisa and Bert have a son, Reese, and a daughter, Mika. When not chauffeuring her kids to and from school and sports activities, Lisa volunteers at the school and loves to go running and hiking on the trails.

Lisa is very happy to be a part of FPC and looks forward to meeting other members of the wonderful church congregation.