Harrison Jones

Youth and Family Ministries Director

Harrison Jones is excited to be back in Bellingham again. A graduate of Ferndale High School (2009) and Western Washington University (2013), Harrison is proud to call Bellingham home and glad to start eating at his favorite taco truck again.

In June 2018, Harrison finished his Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary and wrapped up a long journey toward pastoral ministry. He has been teaching and leading student ministries as a volunteer, intern, and pastoral associate for the past eight years and Harrison is joining First Presbyterian Church in Bellingham having benefited from exposure to diverse places, people, and cultures.

For the last year, Harrison has been on staff as a pastoral associate at Fort City Church in Fort McMurray, Alberta where he has overseen youth and young adult ministries as well as guest connection and hospitality. Working at Fort City has taught Harrison invaluable lessons about life, ministry, and dressing for warmth.

Passionate about seeing God transform the hearts and lives of students everywhere, Harrison is extra passionate about young people in Bellingham and Whatcom County. Sometimes that passion looks like teaching, praying, and pointing kids to Scripture, but it can also look like hiking, watching basketball games, and discussing new music. The Gospel is Good News for all people, and Harrison loves sharing the Gospel with students and helping young people explore the implications of the Good News in their own lives.

When he isn’t spending time with students, Harrison is a Netflix connoisseur who enjoys watching basketball and playing disc-golf.