Fred Hartsook

The INN Director

Fred was raised near Seattle, WA, and made his way to Bellingham to attend college in 2003. Upon arriving, he found a new community through The INN, and was a dedicated student, student leader, and Summer INNtern over the following five years. The INN was irreplaceably formative as Fred began his journey following Jesus as a young adult.

After college, Fred explored several career tracks: managing a Starbucks, marketing project management, touring the United States with the Ugandan Kids Choir, traveling around the world to present and teach about Bible study, and five years as a youth pastor at a church here in Bellingham. Through all of it, the Lord was faithful to bringing Fred along in discovering and participating in Jesus’ Kingdom in new ways.

Fred met his wife Celeste as co-leaders in youth ministry in 2012, and they were married in Bellingham in May 2014. Celeste is a Bellingham Repertory Dance company member, and an instructor with Opus Performing Arts, teaching dance to young children and adults who are young at heart! Celeste is Fred’s best friend and favorite person. They love to go out for sushi, throw the frisbee, and watch food-related travel shows on TV. No kids or puppies yet, but… hopefully some of both coming soon.

Fred believes that creating space for young adults to discover and explore the Kingdom of Jesus is one of the most hopeful acts the Church can do. We all see the doom-and-gloom surveys about young people leaving faith–with the hope of Christ, Fred encourages all of us to remain faithful to our upcoming generations of young people by giving them a place and a person to encounter God with. Fred is passionate about sending out waves of students from The INN who are prepared to love, follow, and share Jesus for the rest of their lives.

When he isn’t at The INN, you can find Fred watching a baseball game, firing up one or both of his Traegers, and researching online the latest new tech gadgets. He may also be knee-deep in baseball statistic spreadsheets, newfangled coffee brewing apparatus’, and piles of books that he swears he will read someday.

If you ever want to talk about how to give of your life in to this generation of young adults, or if you just want to buy Fred lunch and talk baseball, give him a shout! He looks forward to the great conversation and free lunch with you.